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Wood Fireplace Inserts: A More Efficient Wood Burning Hearth

Wood burning fireplace inserts are an excellent way to revitalize an existing hearth in your home or increase the efficiency of a masonry fireplace. These wood stove inserts slide directly into the current fireplace opening, making them easy to install and easy to use. Adding a fireplace wood insert to your home can bring new life to any space, allowing you to get more use and more value out of that old fireplace you never use.

These units are a popular choice for homeowners looking to refresh or renovate their living space as well as those looking to get more bang for their buck when it comes to heating their home with a wood burning fire feature. By keeping more heat within the hearth instead of sending it up the chimney, these inserts allow you to heat your home more efficiently. Fireplaces Direct carries a wide variety of wood burning stove inserts and fireplace inserts from the top brands on the market, ensuring you get a quality product when you shop with us. To make your shopping experience easier, we've gathered a set of helpful tips below.

Why Buy a Wood Fireplace Insert

Wood burning inserts are popular for a variety of reasons. Whether you're remodeling a living room with an old, out of use masonry fireplace or just trying to improve the look of your current hearth, a wood insert fireplace may be the choice for you. While all customers will have their own particular needs, those who choose to buy a wood burning fireplace insert tend to do so for one or all of these reasons:
  • Convenience - One of the top benefits of buying a wood burning fireplace insert is how simple they are to install. They slot easily into the existing fireplace opening, ensuring they are quick and easy to get up and running. They're especially popular among customers who have an existing masonry fireplace they rarely or never use. By revitalizing that existing installation, you can really elevate the room it resides in.
  • Efficiency - The second feature that draws our customers to wood burning insert fireplaces is how much they improve the fuel efficiency and emissions of a fireplace. By keeping more heat within the firebox, they increase the BTU per cord of wood and reduce smoke production. Many of the wood fireplace inserts in our inventory carry an EPA certification, indicating an efficiency rating and emissions level in line with those regulations.
  • Appearance - The last major point in favor of wood fireplace inserts is how they look. Our inventory of top brands includes a variety of attractive products that are sure to elevate any space. When you install them in an existing fireplace, they can offer a polished look that integrates with the existing brick or stone to ensure a high quality appearance.

What to Consider When Buying a Wood Fireplace Insert

Fireplaces Direct takes pride in offering a selection of the top brands in the home hearth industry, but we also recognize that not every product we carry will be a perfect fit for every customer. We want to be sure that everyone who shops with us comes away satisfied. To ensure you find the wood burning fireplace insert that best meets your needs, we recommend shopping our site with the following criteria in mind:
  • Size - More than other fireplace types, inserts need to be in a specific size range to be suitable for each installation. Specifically, they need to be small enough to fit within your existing hearth opening. Generally, they either come with or can be upgraded to include a decorative surround that will cover the gap between the insert itself and the edge of the masonry firebox. Be sure to take exact measurements of the height, width and depth of your fireplace before purchasing.
  • Price - Fireplaces Direct carries only the most reputable brands in the industry, which means you won't find any cheaply made products on our site. This means our prices do tend toward the higher end of the market, but there are still a variety of price points represented. When buying a product like a fireplace, you really do get what you pay for. By investing in a quality product up front, you save money in the long run compared to skimping on cost and then having to buy another in a few years.
  • Features - One of the most important reasons to buy a quality wood fireplace insert is the number of quality features they boast. Keep an eye out for benefits like a refractory brick lining for better heat distribution, glass air-wash system to prevent creosote build-up and a secondary combustion zone to improve efficiency.

    Wood burning fireplace inserts with blowers are particularly popular as they distribute heat into the room more quickly. We also recommend taking a look at the listed maximum burning time, especially if you plan to use the fireplace for overnight heating. No one wants to wake up just before dawn to a freezing cold cabin.
  • Ventilation - Because these inserts burn wood, they need both a supply of fresh air to aid in the combustion process and a way to expel smoke and carbon dioxide. The units we sell are generally designed to be used with manufacturer specific ventilation piping that is run up through an existing chimney. Be sure to consult the owner's manual and any relevant local codes regarding fireplacing venting before purchasing.
  • Design - Apart from the efficiency gains and the ability to revitalize an old hearth, wood fireplace inserts are also popular because they can improve the look of an older space. With the variety of design options available and the many accessories and decorative styles on the market, there's sure to be an insert that suits your tastes and fits in with your decor.
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