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Wood Fireplaces: The Classic Home Hearth Choice

If you're a homeowner, business owner or contractor who is looking to elevate a space with the inviting aura of fire, a wood burning fireplace may be the ticket. In use for millennia, wood fireplaces have long been one of the most popular ways to heat homes and provide a space for gathering and relaxation. While most traditional indoor wood burning fireplaces are built from masonry when the home itself was constructed, many manufacturers in the US also make prefab fireplaces that can be slotted into an existing hearth or integrated in other ways.

With an appliance that is designed to be used for decades, it's important to invest in a quality brand. This is where Fireplaces Direct comes in. We've spent the time and effort to comb the wood burning indoor fireplace market to curate a collection of the most reliable and reputable manufacturers for our inventory. Every wood burner fireplace on our site is designed to stand the test of time. To help out with your shopping experience, we've gathered some helpful tips and info below to guide your purchase.

Why Buy a Wood Fireplace

While there are a huge and growing variety of home hearth solutions on the market these days, wood fireplaces continue to be a favorite for many. Needs will vary from customer to customer and from room to room, but the benefits of a wood burning stove or fireplace are clear. The customers who buy one here at Fireplaces Direct tend to do so for one or more of these reasons:

  • Heat - The primary strength of fireplace wood burning is the extraordinary heat output they're capable of generating, much higher than a gas or electric fireplace. There's a good reason that burning wood has been the primary heating choice for most of our history. It does it quite well.
    While the exact heating power of your fireplace will depend on the type and amount of wood you use as well as your ability to build a powerful flame, you can generally expect a wood burning fireplace to put out considerably more heat than a similar sized gas unit. If heat is your primary concern, wood is the only way to go.
  • Durability - Because of the simplicity of their construction, wood-burning fireplaces tend to be the longest lasting type of hearth. The lack of moving parts and technological components means they can be counted on to last for years and even decades with proper cleaning and maintenance.
  • Atmosphere - Fireplaces of all kinds are excellent places to relax, either alone or with family and friends. Wood fireplaces, however, are generally agreed to be the best for this. The natural crackling sound of burning logs is tough to beat, and while top-notch gas fireplaces can offer very realistic looking flames, they can't really compete with actual wood fires.

What to Consider When Buying a Wood Fireplace

Fireplaces Direct has curated a collection of the best wood-burning fireplaces on the market, but that doesn't mean that every model on our site is best suited for your needs. We carry a wide variety of brands and models, each with their own strengths, so finding the right fireplace for your home or business will take a bit of thought and analysis. We recommend that our customers keep the following in mind while shopping for a wood-burning fireplace:
  • Product Type - We carry four main categories of wood fireplaces:
    • Built-In Wood Fireplaces - If you're building a new home or doing a full renovation, adding a built-in wood fireplace may be the way to go. These in-wall units are generally larger and more durable than less permanent hearth solutions.
    • Wood Fireplace Inserts - If you've got an existing masonry fireplace and you'd like to upgrade or update it, an insert is an obvious choice. These units slide right into the existing opening and use the chimney that's already there to make installation easier.
    • Wood Fireplace Stoves - Perfect for cabins or lodges, these freestanding units are ideal for those looking to heat up a space. Their heavy-duty metal construction makes them excellent at radiating warmth.
    • Pellet Stoves - Similar to a traditional stove, these units are different in that they're designed to burn wood pellets rather than logs, which allows for greater flexibility. They'll use a hopper and feed system to slowly add fuel to fire to keep your space at a consistent temperature for longer.
  • Regulations - Wood burning fireplaces are regulated, restricted and even banned in some localities, so before buying one it's important to research the legality of wood fireplaces in your area.
  • Size - Because of the higher burning temperature of wood, a smaller wood fireplace can achieve the same heating levels as a larger gas unit. In addition, fireplaces are designed for a certain ratio of flame size to firebox size, which means that buying an oversized hearth and using it for smaller fires won't provide the desired experience.
  • Ventilation - Venting and chimneys for wood-burning fireplaces are a complex topic, and getting it wrong could have serious consequences for your home. We always recommend working with an NFI-certified contractor to plan and install wood-burning fireplaces in a safe manner.

Wood Fireplace FAQs

  • Are wood burning fireplaces safe? Yes, as long as you follow all of the manufacturer's installation and use requirements, a wood-burning fireplace is a perfectly safe way to heat your home or provide a place to relax.
  • Will a wood-burning fireplace make my house smell like smoke? A properly vented fireplace is unlikely to cause a noticeable smoke smell in your house as the smoke will escape via the chimney. Regular care with fireplace cleaning products will keep your hearth burning clean for many years.
  • Are wood burning fireplaces efficient? Some heat is lost to the chimney, but if you purchase an EPA-certified wood insert or wood stove, you'll be getting a fairly efficient home hearth solution.
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