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Gas Fireplaces

Discover the best gas fireplaces to warm-up any room and elevate your favorite living space.

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Gas Fireplaces: A Versatile Home Hearth Option

For home or business owners looking to elevate their space with a fire feature that provides effective heating, an attractive appearance and a convenient experience, a gas fireplace is an obvious choice. Gas fireplaces cost relatively little given their durability and versatility, making them an excellent option for those looking to invest in quality. They're especially good for those who have a home with an existing fireplace opening that is no longer in use. Many gas fireplaces are designed specifically to be slotted into an old wood hearth to rejuvenate it for the future.

With their incredible utility and popularity, gas fireplaces are a growing market. Many manufacturers are looking to capitalize on this growth by betting on the industry. Unfortunately, this can make shopping for a high-quality gas fireplace more difficult. This is where Fireplaces Direct comes in. We've combed the entire market of fireplaces to find only the best brands and models for our inventory. When you buy a gas fireplace from Fireplaces Direct, you can be confident you're investing in a product that will stand the test of time. To make your purchasing experience easier, we've collected some helpful tips and info below.

Why Buy a Gas Fireplace

Whether you're more interested in the appearance and atmosphere of a fireplace or the warmth they can provide for your home, gas fireplaces have a lot to recommend them. Their popularity among home and business owners reflects the value and utility they provide, for numerous reasons. While everyone's needs and priorities will be different, we've found that customers who purchase a gas fireplace or gas stove from Fireplaces Direct generally do so for one or more of the following reasons:
  • Convenience - While starting up a wood fire in a traditional fireplace can take a not-insignificant amount of time, effort and know-how, igniting a gas fireplace is often as easy as pressing a button. Many of the models of gas fireplace we carry either come with a remote or can be retrofitted with one, and some can even be controlled via Bluetooth with your smartphone.

    The atmosphere and ambiance of a fireplace have never been easier to add to your home. Gas fireplaces represent a smart middle ground between the traditional wood-burning hearth and more technologically minded electric units, in a spot that many will call the best of both worlds, hence their growing popularity. If you're looking for a decorative or heating solution that uses natural flame without the work of building a log fire, a gas fireplace is a way to go.
  • Efficiency - One of the top selling points for gas fireplaces is their fuel and energy efficiency. By adding a gas fireplace to your home, you can significantly reduce your overall heating costs. They accomplish this through a mechanism known as zone heating, which warms up just the areas of your home which get the most use. This allows you to reduce the temperature on your thermostat, saving you energy and money in the long run.
  • Appearance - Another major factor in the decision to buy a gas fireplace is how well they elevate the appearance of whatever space they're added to. Humans have been enthralled by the look of dancing flames for millennia, and the natural flames of a gas fireplace are an excellent example of the allure of fire. Combine that with the attractive log sets and overall design of our inventory of quality gas fireplaces and you've got a complete package for enriching any living space.

What to Consider When Buying a Gas Fireplace

While every gas fireplace we carry is of the highest quality, not all of them will be best suited for every application. We carry a huge variety of products, each of which has its own particular strengths and special features, ensuring that we have something for almost any use case. In the years we've been selling quality home hearth solutions, we've identified the following major factors in finding the right gas fireplace for our customers:
  • Product Type - We carry five main categories of gas fireplaces:
    • Built-In Gas Fireplaces - If you're looking to completely renovate a space or if you're building a new home or addition, you may want to go all out and include a built-in gas fireplace. By permanently installing the unit, you can benefit from greater size and power than other options.
    • Gas Fireplace Inserts - Perfect for revitalizing an existing hearth, the gas fireplace insert simply slots into the fireplace opening and makes use of the chimney which is already in place.
    • Gas Fireplace Stoves - These freestanding units are excellent for smaller spaces where building a complete chimney and hearth isn't feasible. Similar to the wood-burning stove, these decorative heating solutions are a classic choice.
    • Wall Mount Gas Fireplaces - If you're looking for an easy-to-install option, the wall-mount fireplace is a serious contender. These smaller units are generally quicker and easier to include in your home because of their compact design.
    • Outdoor Gas Fireplaces - Fireplaces aren't just for the living room anymore. Our selection of outdoor units provides the enjoyable experience of a hearth in your own backyard or patio. Perfect for those who enjoy relaxing by the fire and under the stars at the same time.
  • Fuel Type - Gas fireplaces come in two types: propane or natural gas. Generally speaking, homes in cities are supplied with natural gas while homes in the country are more likely to be connected to a large propane tank. The two are not interchangeable and misuse can be dangerous. For questions regarding fuel type, we recommend working with a licensed gas plumber to ensure safety.
  • Size - We carry gas fireplaces in a wide range of sizes, from small to large, ensuring there's a design that will suit nearly any space. If you're designing a brand new home or room, the sky's the limit when it comes to the size of your gas fireplace. If, on the other hand, you're looking to add a gas fireplace to an existing space or hearth, you'll want to focus your search on gas fireplaces that will fit the area allotted.
  • Ventilation - While they don't create smoke like a wood-burning fireplace, gas fireplaces still may require ventilation. We carry both vented and vent-free fireplaces. Vented fireplaces don't provide as much heat because some of the warmth from the flames will be expelled via the chimney. On the other hand, vent-free fireplaces are restricted by some local codes, so you'll want to check those before purchasing.

Gas Fireplace FAQs

  • Do gas fireplaces work during a power outage? Possibly. It will depend on the ignition type of your fireplace. Millivolt ignitions, the most common kind, will work without electricity. Other ignition types may require a battery backup.
  • Are gas fireplaces safe? Absolutely. As long as you follow all manufacturer recommendations and keep up with regular service and maintenance, your gas fireplace will operate safely for many years to come.
  • Can I burn wood in a gas fireplace? No. It's not safe to burn wood in a gas fireplace, as the burners are not designed to support the weight of wood logs and ash could collect inside the burner, causing damage. In addition, wood can burn significantly hotter than gas, which the burner is not designed to withstand.

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