Recreating a Classic Fireplace Appearance

While it’s tough to beat the look of a real wood or gas fireplace, the added maintenance and installation costs deter many from adding one of these units to their building project. If you’re one of those who’d love the ambiance of a fireplace, but you’re unsure about the cost and upkeep of traditional fireplaces, we have the perfect option for you: an electric fireplace.

How to Install a Napoleon Built-In Electric Fireplace

We’ve put together this helpful guide to walk you step by step through an electric fireplace installation. We’re using the Napoleon Alluravision for our example, but the installation process should be fairly similar for other electric fireplace units. However, always refer to your product’s user manual for specific instructions. Different products will have different framing requirements, clearances, and other technical specifications we won’t be able to cover here.

Finding the Best Option for Your Space

An electric fireplace is an easy way to upgrade almost any room in your home. With the sheer number of options available, however, it’s easy to become overwhelmed as you start your research.

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