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Why Wood Stoves Are the Best Heating Option for Cold Weather

For much of the continent, winter can be a long, cold, and dark affair. While there's not much we can do about the long months or the short days, we can help with the cold. Custom heating solutions can give you a cozy home protected from the elements.

How to Mount an Electric Fireplace with a TV

Many people like to make a fireplace the centerpiece of their living room or den. Others prefer to reserve this space for their big-screen 4K television. However, those who want a truly impressive space do both.

A Guide to Realistic Electric Fireplaces

While it's tough to beat the look of a real wood or gas fireplace, the added maintenance and installation costs deter many from adding one of these units to their building project. If you're one of those who'd love the ambiance of a fireplace, but you're unsure about the cost and upkeep of traditional fireplaces, we have the perfect option for you: an electric fireplace.

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