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What's the Difference Between a Quality Electric Fireplace vs. a Big Box Store?

Electric fireplaces are very popular right now, which means a lot of companies are trying to capitalize on the trend. This can create a confusing shopping experience as these new items are being presented alongside the top manufacturers, often at seemingly impressive prices, and when shopping online it can be hard to tell the difference between the quality.

Fireplace Chimney and Venting FAQs

Fireplace venting can be a confusing topic once you start getting into the technical details of an installation. For this reason, we recommend you always work with an NFI-certified installer to make sure your appliance is safe and performing to its full potential.

Superior Wood Fireplace Buying Guide

It's right there in the name: Superior makes products that put run-of-the-mill fireplaces to shame, offering exceptional quality and utility. Their wood fireplace catalog exemplifies this commitment to making their units the best in the business, featuring selections that are sure to take your home or cabin to the next level.

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