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Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace Accessories

Make your fireplace one-of-a-kind

There are many ways to customize your fireplace. At Fireplaces Direct, we want to make sure you have everything you need to do just that with a large selection of premium fireplace accessories for your home.

In addition to decorative pieces, we also feature a wide offering of fireplace tools to help you use and maintain your fireplace. Check out everything we have to offer today.

Fireplace Tool Sets

Want to make it easier to use your fireplace? Check out our selection of premium fireplace tool sets to help you get the most out of your system.

Fireplace Enhancements

Make your fireplace unique with our fireplace enhancements. These media sets and decorative additions can help make your fireplace one-of-a-kind.

Fireplace Screens & Fronts

Fireplace screens and fronts not only add a decorative touch to your fireplace, they also help with safety. Keep sparks in and children and pets out with one of these high-quality units.

Fireplace Surrounds & Trim Kits

Give your fireplace a professionally installed appearance with one of our premium fireplace surrounds and trim kits. These units match your fireplace to your wall perfectly.

Log Holders

Do more with your fireplace wood than let it sit in an unattractive pile. These log holders provide a more decorative and convenient way to hold your logs.

Fireplace Grates

Fireplace grates can make an excellent addition to your fireplace setup. Check out our large selection here.


A fireback provides a decorative backdrop for your fireplace. Browse our large inventory of different styles and find the right style for your home.

Ash Buckets

Using ash buckets can make it easier to use your fireplace. Browse our selection and get the most out of your setup.


Ensure your flames are always stoked and hot with a new bellows. These items offer a decorative flair with functional application.

Fire Starters

Get your next fire going more quickly. Fire starters offer an easy way to light your logs, so you can start enjoying your fireplace sooner.

Hearth Rugs

Protect the floor in front of your fireplace with a hearth rug. These durable rugs ensure stray sparks don’t damage your floor while also providing a decorative touch to your home.


Hearths offer an attractive way to frame the front of your fireplace. Browse out selection of hearths and find the right one for your fireplace.


Andirons, also known as fire dogs, hold burning logs in a fireplace. These handy pieces improve circulation under firewood to create a more efficient flame with less smoke.


Fireplace covers can help protect and extend the life of your fireplace. Find the right cover for your fireplace here.


Fireplacerisers can help improve the appearance of your log set within a firebox by raising the logs. Check out top models from top brands here.


Fireplace trivets can support a pot or kettle inside a fireplace. Check out everything we have to offer at Fireplaces Direct.

Fireplace & Stove Paint

Standard paint won’t do when you wish to change the look of your fire feature. Fireplace and stove paints are specially created to withstand the temperatures generated by a fireplace.

Fireplace Maintenance

Keep your fireplace operating like new. Check out our large selection of fireplace maintenance products at Fireplaces Direct.