Wood Fireplaces are Provide Key Advantages

While other fueled fireplaces are becoming more popular, wood fireplaces still provide numerous advantages in a variety of different installations. Wood fireplaces are excellent at providing heat at a low cost, so they're great options to offset the cost of running a natural gas or propane furnace - especially in harsh winter climates. Some of the best fireplaces on the market are so efficient that your energy bill will decrease when they're used. Let's take a look at some of the best wood fireplaces we have to offer:

Best Built-In Wood Fireplace

Majestic ASH42 Ashland 42-Inch Radiant Wood Burning Fireplace

Built-in wood fireplaces are an excellent option for new houses and remodels, providing top-notch quality. They come in a variety of styles to suit any home and offer both performance and aesthetics.

The Ashland by Majestic is no exception. It features a flush-hearth design for a seamless finish and a refractory brick interior for even heat distribution. It can be chosen with a number of smart accessories, including a glass door, flex-air duct and chimney air kit.

Best Wood Fireplace Insert

Osburn Matrix 2700 Wood Insert

If you're looking to upgrade your current fireplace, then a fireplace insert may be for you. By slotting into an existing installation, they offer considerable ease and convenience. It's important to check the specifications for each unit closely to ensure it will work with your setup.

One of the most popular inserts is the Osburn Matrix 2700, which carries an EPA-certified efficiency rating of 74% for exceptional reliability. It can sustain a fire for up to eight hours for lasting comfort in an area between 750 and 2200 square feet. It also features a refractory brick lining and heat-activated blower for improved heat circulation.

Best Wood-Burning Stove

Osburn 3500 Wood Stove with Blower

Added flexibility makes wood-burning stoves a great choice, especially for places like a cabin or lodge where a built-in or insert installation might not be ideal. While you do lose some floor space, the significant heat output more than makes up for it.

The Osburn 3500 Wood Stove with Blower is one of the top stoves on the market. It boasts a 110,000 BTU output that can heat a space between 1,000 and 2,700 square feet with the help of a 130 cubic feet/minute convection blower that distributes heat around the room. It carries an EPA certification for its 77 percent efficiency and 2.0 g/h emissions rate.

Best Wood Fireplace for Mobile Homes

Superior WXS2021

In many jurisdictions, fireplace choices in mobile homes are limited for the sake of safety, but some manufacturers design units suitable for these smaller spaces. One such fireplace is the Superior WXS2021 High Efficiency Wood Burning Stove. With the capacity to heat a space up to 2,000 square feet and with a burn time of up to 9 hours, this stove is a workhorse in a compact package.

Best Wood Fireplace for Cabins

Napoleon NZ8000 High Country 8000 Wood Fireplace

The specific heating needs of a cabin or lodge can be more than a traditional furnace can handle, especially those in more northerly climates. That's the scenario where a powerful cabin fireplace is ideal.

One such powerhouse fireplace is Napoleon's High Country 8000, which boasts a refractory firebox optimized for air flow and heat output. It can hold up to 50 pounds of wood at a time for a long-lasting fire, and it features a Zero Gravity door system with independent glass and screen doors that open easily and smoothly, every time.

Need More Help Finding a Wood Fireplace?

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