Top Electric Fireplace Options for Living Rooms, Bedrooms, and Bathrooms

How to Match Your Fireplace to Your Room

If you’ve already discovered why an electric fireplace is perfect for your space, and you’ve done your research on how to shop for an electric fireplace, all you have left to do is determine which fireplace model is right for you.

However, electric fireplaces aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution—literally and figuratively—and before you make your purchase, you’ll want to make sure you’ve considered all the variables in your installation. Of those variables, one of the easiest to overlook is room specifics. Where you install your fireplace is just as important to consider as what fireplace you’re installing, and different rooms will have different needs.

To help you with this process, we’ve put together this helpful guide covering some of the special considerations you’ll want to consider when installing your fireplace in a living room, a bedroom, or a bathroom.

Buying an Electric Fireplace for Your Living Room

Most electric fireplace installation will likely be in a living room, den, or similar entertaining space. While this makes installation easier to plan for, there are still several factors you’ll want to consider to maximize your investment.

Fireplace Design

First, consider the design of your living space. Is the rest of your decor contemporary, more traditional, or somewhere in between? Fireplaces like those in the Napoleon Entice Series complement ultramodern designs well thanks to features like unique flame patterns and fire glass.

On the other hand, more traditional rooms can benefit from the realistic appearance of units like those in the Dimplex Revillusion Series. Designed to replicate the appearance of a real wood fire, these fireplaces offer classical ambiance in a familiar form.

It’s also important to keep in mind there are no hard rules for designing around an electric fireplace. Modern homes can incorporate traditional fireplace units and vice versa. These are merely focal points to work around.

Fireplace Style

If your room is used to entertain family and friends, your room will need to reflect this in its design. For some, designing solely around a fireplace may not be a practical solution, and elements of the room will need to be considered while designing the space.

One of the biggest design elements many find themselves working around is a television set. A large high definition television and a large electric fireplace both require a large amount of wall or floor space in most cases. Fortunately, fireplace manufacturers understand this, and their designs reflect this.

Fireplace TV stands are a great way to pair a television with a fireplace in a simple, purpose-built way. Rather than having two separate competing focal points, fireplace TV stands allow both pieces to complement each other in a unique way.

Alternatively, large linear electric fireplaces can easily be wall-mounted or built-in underneath a wall-mounted television. As an added bonus, built-in units requiring framing and direct wiring into the wall make it easier to run television cords into the wall at the same time. The result is a clean installation with few or no visible wires. Should you go this route, be sure to keep in mind manufacturer clearances to ensure proper spacing between your fireplace and other electronics.

For more information on fireplace styles, check out our guide to the four types of electric fireplaces.

Buying an Electric Fireplace for Your Bedroom

Bedroom fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular. A fireplace offers impressive form and function in a space that can otherwise be easy to overlook.

Venting Requirements (or Lack Thereof)

Wood and gas fireplaces require special venting, which makes them more difficult to add to bedrooms if the house wasn’t designed with this look in mind. However, electric fireplaces make a great option for bedroom installations since no special venting is required. These units can easily incorporate into almost any space, as well, thanks to the variety of sizes and styles available.


Like with living rooms, consider whether your room would benefit more from a traditional or contemporary unit. Your room may also be suited well for an “in-between” unit like those in the Napoleon Alluravision Series. These units blend traditional elements like driftwood media with enhanced flames and fire glass to offer a “best of both worlds” solution for your room.


Do you want your bedroom to have an additional heat source? It’s an important consideration to make when adding an electric fireplace to your room. Unlike large entertaining areas, the heat from an electric fireplace will be more noticeable in a small room, so you won’t need a unit capable of producing as much heat to feel the cozy warmth of the fireplace.

Would you prefer your fireplace to be more about looks than warmth? That’s okay, too. Most electric fireplace heaters and flames can be operated independently, so if you’re looking to have a beautiful fire on a warm summer day, go for it!

Buying an Electric Fireplace for Your Bathroom

Bathroom fireplaces provide the ultimate luxury. After a long, difficult day, a relaxing shower or bath with the ambiance of a crackling fireplace is tough to beat. With the relative affordability of electric fireplace units, this luxury is much easier to turn into a reality.

Heat (Again)

Like with bedrooms, the smaller size of a bathroom makes heating capabilities a more important factor to consider. The warmth from an electric fireplace can make bathing, getting ready for the day, and unwinding at night a much more relaxing experience.

Water Resistance

One important factor to consider that’s unique to bathroom installations is water resistance. Though you won’t necessarily need a fully outdoor-rated electric fireplace like the Amantii Panorama Series, you’ll still want to make sure your fireplace is capable of being installed in a bathroom or similar setting. Check the owner’s manual to find this information.

Two-Sided Installations

One way to create a totally unique installation is with a two-sided installation. Not only will an installation like this be something you’ll enjoy for years to come, but it can also be a major selling point when it comes time to sell your home

Worried about privacy, though? Don’t be. Units like the Napoleon CLEARion feature a privacy setting that allows users to switch between transparent and opaque glass at the push of a button when privacy is desired.

Get Help Finding the Right Fireplace for Your Space

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