Gas Valve Kits Improve Your Log Set

Gas log sets offer a great way to bring the ambiance of a fireplace into your home. With their simple and straightforward designs, you can breathe new life into your tired wood fireplace or unused firebox.

However, one part of the fireplace that can be easy to overlook is the gas valve. In reality, this humble component can actually play one of the most important roles in determining how your gas log set looks and performs - especially whether or not it's compatible with a remote control. If you’re looking for more information on what to consider when buying a gas valve kit, check out our gas valve kit buying guide. Otherwise, check out our recommendations for the best gas valve kits below.


The Best Manual Gas Valve

Hearth Products Controls C66U

If you want a simple design from a premium manufacturer, look no further than the Hearth Products Controls C66U. This manual valve is rated for 90,000 BTU and mounts directly to a half-inch stub pipe, 3/8-inch thread, or burner for basic installation. With its extended knob, this valve offers additional safety by allowing on/off operation further from flames.

The Best Millivolt Gas Valve

Dexen 6003 Series Millivolt Valve with Quick Connect

The Dexen 6003 Series Millivolt Valve with Quick Connect is our top pick for a millivolt gas valve kit thanks to its quality build and convenient design. The valve itself is rated for 225 degrees Fahrenheit and 85,000 BTU. Additionally, this unit includes a complete pilot assembly. Possibly the biggest advantage of this system is its remote compatibility. While no remote control is included, this valve can be used with any standard millivolt remote control.

The Best Servo Motor Gas Valve

Maxitrol MVRC255 Flame Modulating Safety Pilot Kit with Remote Control

For premium flame control, look no further than the Maxitrol MVRC255 Flame Modulating Safety Pilot Kit with Remote Control. This system offers precise flame height management for a personalized user experience. Rated for 175 degrees Fahrenheit and 85,000 BTU, this valve kit can handle rigorous household needs. Additionally, a 90-degree pilot assembly is included for easier installation and use. Most notable of all, however, is this valve kit’s inclusion of an Acumen RCK-M remote control for convenient operation from anywhere in the room.

The Best Electronic Ignition Gas Valve

Honeywell MVK-EIHC-1 High Capacity Electronic Ignition Valve Kit

For a high-end fireplace experience, the Honeywell MVK-EIHC-1 High Capacity Electronic Ignition Valve Kit may be exactly what you need. With its distinct 24V spark-to-pilot system, this valve kit removes the need for a standing pilot with automatic ignition. This system includes a transformer to allow for more straightforward installation, as well. The valve kit is rated for 175 degrees Fahrenheit and 270,000 BTU for a quality user experience, and the system is remote-ready.

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