Work from Home or Home from Work?

Whether you’re a new “work from home” employee or you’re just looking for new ways to spruce up an often-overlooked space, an electric fireplace offers a relatively affordable way to make a big impact in your room. With so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which unit will work best for you. We’ve put together this helpful guide to help you narrow down your choices for the best electric fireplace for your home office space.

What’s Your Biggest Reason for Buying an Electric Fireplace?

The primary reasons for purchasing an electric fireplace are heat, aesthetics, or both. Are you looking for an electric fireplace just to make your office look nicer, or are you trying to bring some added warmth to a drafty space, as well?

Fireplace Appearance

When it comes to appearance, electric fireplaces are typically categorized as traditional, contemporary, or traditional. Traditional units like the Dimplex Revillusion Series aim to replicate the look of a traditional wood or gas fireplace as closely as possible. These units usually feature artificial log sets, realistic orange or yellow flames, and natural flame patterns.

Contemporary units like those in the Amantii Panorama Series take a different approach to design. These electric fireplace units break the mold of what most think of when they imagine a fireplace. Instead of log sets and natural flames, contemporary fireplaces often feature fire glass media, multicolor flames, and other unique styling options.

For those looking to bridge the gap between the two styles, transitional units like the Napoleon Alluravision incorporate both traditional and contemporary touches to allow for a bolder design without losing their classic fireplace feel.

Heating Options

No electric fireplace will put off as much heat as a wood or gas fireplace. However, most electric fireplaces are more than just an artistic addition to a room. While not all electric units include an integrated heater, most offer a heat output comparable to an average space heater. While this level of heat output may not seem like much, these units can go a long way in reducing the cost of your energy bills thanks to a process known as “zone heating.”

You’ll want to be comfortable in your office if you’re spending a third of your day there. However, running your heating system to warm your entire house when you’ll only be spending time in one room is inefficient. By incorporating an electric fireplace with a heater, you’ll be able to reduce your dependency on your heating system by lowering the temperature of the house and using the energy-efficient heater on the fireplace to make up the temperature difference. You’ll have a beautiful, cozy office and you’ll be saving money at the same time.

How Big is Your Space?

The size of your home office will determine how large your electric fireplace should be. Fortunately, electric fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide variety of installations.

Even small or unusual wall spaces can be enhanced with an electric fireplace. Units like the Napoleon Allure Series Vertical Fireplace take up very little room but still bring the same benefits as their larger counterparts, including impressive visual displays and an integrated heater.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, units like the Napoleon Alluravision offer fireplace lengths of up to 100 inches or more, meaning large office spaces will also have units capable of integrating easily. As an added bonus, some of these larger units can be operated on 240V as opposed to a more traditional 120V standard outlet. Should you have the ability to run your fireplace on this higher voltage, you’ll be able to benefit from a higher BTU output, meaning more heat for your larger space.

What type of installation would you prefer?

Electric fireplaces come in a variety of forms to meet the needs of different spaces. These options can all be used in a home office and each style offers its own advantages. Best of all, electric fireplaces are easy to install with no special venting requirements, which means your new fireplace unit will be incredibly low maintenance. Instead of hassling with your fireplace, you’ll be able to focus on the work you need to get done for the day.

Wall-Mount Electric Fireplaces

A wall-mount electric fireplace offers a simple and straightforward installation for any space. These fireplaces add warmth and beauty while being as easy to mount as your average TV in most cases. If you’re looking for the easiest way to add a fireplace to your home office space, look no further.

Built-In Electric Fireplaces

Built-in electric fireplaces offer the warmth and ambiance of a traditional wood or gas fireplace without the need for chimneys, venting, or significant maintenance. Typically, these fireplaces offer a cleaner, more integrated appearance than their wall-mounted counterparts. However, you’ll have a much more difficult time relocating this unit should the look of your room need to change.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

An electric fireplace insert can be used to convert an existing wood or gas fireplace into a lower maintenance electric unit. While it’s unlikely many homes have traditional offices with existing fireplaces in them, the recent need for non-office spaces like dens and basements to serve a new purpose as a makeshift office means some may find this type of installation as a viable option in their home.

Electric Fireplace Mantels and TV Stands

An electric fireplace mantel package or a fireplace TV stand can make for unique office designs for those who aren’t keen on the idea of mounting a fireplace on or in their walls. Each of these options offers an all-in-one piece of furniture with a fireplace already integrated into its design, allowing for easy installation. If you go the TV stand route, however, just don’t let a big, new flatscreen TV keep you from getting your work done.

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