Uncertainty and instability dominate the headlines every night. With a seemingly endless amount of stress, your home needs to be an oasis from the craziness of the world beyond your four walls. What’s more, with the rise of virtual learning and remote work, many families are being forced to reconsider their spaces to be able to accommodate new routines, as well.

While we aren’t experts on education, medicine, or any of the other issues of the day, what we can offer are ways to make your home a refuge from the world outside. You deserve a space capable of helping you work comfortably, study better, or relax after a long day.

A Beneficial Learning Environment

This year has taken your children out of their 'norm,' but for all of the adjustments made they crave stability and continuity in our work environments. The goal should be to provide a positive environment for which your children can learn.

Research shows learning environments play a large role in the educational process. It’s imperative to create an environment designed to facilitate the learning process. A calm, comfortable environment can allow students to retain information better, which leads to better educational outcomes.

When it comes to comfort, an electric fireplace can be a huge boost to the ambiance of any living space - and they can be installed nearly anywhere without too much hassle or cost. The warmth & aesthetics created by a fireplace can improve anyone's attitude and sense of comfort, which can enhance any learning & work environment.

Create a Space That's "Theirs"

Consider the environment your children are familiar with at their school - their classroom, their desk, their routine. In their classroom, your children have their own desk - a defined workspace they learn and work in. At home, you should create a defined space they can sit each day and become comfortable - just like they would in the classroom.

Ensure this workspace has everything they would have in a normal classroom: plenty of pencils, paper, and any necessary learning tools. Then, give them the responsibility of keeping their workspace clean. Not only does it free you from an added chore, but studies also show that if children are given a task like this that's easy to complete it can boost their confidence and self-esteem - and they can take pride in their "work-from-home office" just like their parents.

Treat Their Day Like a Normal School Day

Get your children into a beneficial, repeatable routine and begin each day as they would if they were getting ready to go to school. The repetition will create impactful and positive habits that will lead to better results in their school work. 

Don’t forget about a break, either! On a normal school day, they would have a recess to enjoy and spend time both outdoors and with their classmates. While the social aspects of recess are different, they can still benefit from constructive free time. Get them outdoors and active to ensure they’re not being too sedentary. The balance between school & free-time will help create boundaries where your child can separate the need to focus and relax.

Set an Example

Finally, children will always take after their parents. So it starts with all of us to set the right example of how to handle the work-from-home balance. Be sure that you’re creating meaningful routines and creating boundaries between work & relaxation. Sticking to these routines will make it easier for your children to stick to their routines.

At the end of the day, be sure to spend time as a family - having a gathering place where you can all relax and enjoy together will create a positive impact on everyone. 

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This trying period will be over soon enough, but we can help you create a home you can be proud of for many years to come.