The high-quality fireplaces and gas log sets sold at Fireplaces Direct are designed to last for many years, and when you have a fire feature for that long, you'll need to replace certain components over time. This is why we also carry a wide array of OEM fireplace service parts from our brand partners.

Whatever the issue, we've almost certainly got the right part for the job, but the variety of parts available may be overwhelming for some homeowners, so we've broken down some of the most commonly needed fireplace parts to make your shopping experience easier. In addition to that, we have an expert team of product specialists who are happy to help troubleshoot and identify any problem with your fire feature. It's important to note that these repair and service parts are designed for use with specific models of fireplace or gas log sets. If you are at all unsure which part is right for your fire feature, please get in touch.


Pilot Lights & Pilot Assemblies

What is a Pilot Light or Pilot Assembly?

Pilot assemblies are an important component of many gas fireplaces, offering a safe, convenient and reliable way to ignite the flames while also providing added safety. The two main types of pilot light are a standing pilot system, which keeps a small flame burning from which the feature can be lit, and a spark-to-pilot system, which only turns on when the system is in use. Standing pilots use slightly more fuel on average, while a spark-to-pilot system is more complex and potentially more prone to needing replacement.

Thermocouples & Thermopiles

What is a Thermocouple?

A thermocouple is a device used to measure temperature by using metallic wires to generate a small voltage in a circuit, which in a gas fireplace can act as a flame sensor. In a gas fireplace, they are generally connected to the control valve and will shut off gas to the unit in the event of the flame being extinguished, that is, no more electricity is sensed. This is an important safety feature to prevent un-lit gas from pooling in your home.

What is a Thermopile?

A thermopile is composed of several thermocouples that generate a voltage when they are exposed to a difference in temperature. So, when a thermopile converts thermal energy (heat) into electrical energy, it produces electricity that keeps the valve open. If the thermopile is not heated, the lack of electricity causes the valve to close.

Gas Control Valves

What is a Gas Fireplace Control Valve?

Simply put, the control valve in a gas fireplace controls the flow of gas to the burner. While this much is obvious, it's important to note the different types of valves used in fireplace design to determine which type you may be searching for:

  • Manual gas valves are the simplest and most reliable. They are generally operated by manually turning a knob or key to turn the gas flow on or off as needed.
  • Millivolt gas valves are slightly more complex, in that they use small currents of electricity to control the valve operation. The main upside of these valves is that they allow for remote control operation of the fireplace.
  • Servo gas valves feature a small motor that, when supplied with electricity, can hold the valve open in any position, from a trickle to full flow. This has the benefit of allowing modulation of flame height, which can be highly desirable to some homeowners.

Control Modules

What is a Gas Fireplace Control Module?

Like all types of home appliances, many manufacturers of gas fireplaces are integrating new forms of technology into their designs. One such innovation is the inclusion of electronic ignitions and controls. The convenience and functionality of these components are highly valued by some homeowners, but with greater flexibility comes more complex control requirements. This is where a gas fireplace control module comes in; it's designed to interpret the electronic signals from the fireplace and remote and translate them into action.

Gas Flex Lines

What is a Gas Fireplace Flex Line?

The flame in a gas fireplace is only good as the fuel that gets to the burner. Delivering natural gas or propane from the source to the fire feature requires durable hoses that won't leak, to keep your home and your family safe. We carry a wide variety of sizes and brands of gas flex line hoses and fittings to suit any installation.

Natural Gas & Propane Conversion Kits

What is a Gas Fireplace Conversion Kit?

Depending on where you live, your home gas supply may be either natural gas or propane. In order to ensure proper operation, a fire feature must be configured for the type of gas that your home is supplied with. This is a key safety consideration and is heavily dependent on the brand and model of your fire feature. We recommend working with an NFI-certified gas plumber for these conversions.

Which Parts Do I Need for My Fireplace?

With the enormous range of fireplaces and gas log sets on the market and the widespread of available parts, it's not feasible to answer all possible questions in a blog post. This is why we have our expert team of product specialists ready to field your questions via phone, chat, or email. They don't work on commission, so their only goal is to help you find the right product for your needs. Get in touch to discuss details and get your fireplace back up and running as soon as possible.