A Fireplace Perfect for Any Home

Not all homes can accommodate a wood or gas fireplace. Whether due to space, budgetary, or maintenance concerns, these units just aren’t a practical solution for many. Fortunately, electric fireplaces fill a need for those who want the ambiance of a beautiful fireplace without the hassle of wood or gas. Here are five reasons why you should invest in an electric fireplace.

1. Electric Fireplaces Are Easy to Install

One of the biggest reasons homeowners choose electric fireplaces is the relative simplicity of their installation. Of the three primary types of fireplaces available at Fireplaces Direct—wood, gas, and electric—electric fireplaces offer the most “plug-and-play” experience. In the case of wall-mount units, installation is almost as easy as hanging a TV.

If you’re installing a built-in or insert unit, you’ll need to do some extra work to ensure proper framing and clearances. However, no special venting is typically required, which saves on installation time and costs. This flexibility makes electric fireplaces a great option for those looking to add a fireplace to their home in a fast and economical manner.

Though some of the heating capabilities and realism are sacrificed when compared to wood-burning and gas fireplaces, these problems can be mitigated by selecting a higher-end unit with an integrated heater and realistic flame presentation. If realism is a primary concern, check out products from Dimplex—these units are some of the most realistic electric fireplaces on the market.

2. Electric Fireplace Units Add Comfort to Any Living Space

According to work done by Napoleon Fireplaces in their Hot Spots Research Study, creating a room associated with positive feelings or emotions can increase a room’s perceived value. When a room combines social, relaxation, and functionality perspectives, it becomes a “hot spot” to spend time. What better way to create a warm space—literally and figuratively—than with a beautiful fireplace?

Unique options like mantel packages and fireplace TV stands are also available for those unable to take advantage of more traditional mounting options. If you’re in a small space, an apartment, or a rental where larger wall-mounted or permanent fireplaces are impractical or prohibited, these standalone units offer a practical solution for your space.

3. An Electric Fireplace Adds Value to Your Home

As previously mentioned, electric fireplaces are much cheaper to install than alternative fuel types, but did you know electric fireplaces can also add value to a home? An electric fireplace can primarily accomplish this by creating a desirable space as well as by lowering your energy costs.

An electric fireplace offers a budget-conscious way to add the ambiance of a fireplace to your space. While wood and gas fireplaces require large upfront costs for installation, this isn’t the case with an electric unit. While your home value won’t increase the same way it would with a more traditional fireplace, you’ll still be able to create a unique and dynamic space—a huge benefit when it comes time to stage your house when selling.

In addition to aesthetics, an electric fireplace can also assist with heating your home. While you won’t be using an electric fireplace to heat your entire home, these units are excellent options for “zone heating” your space. By heating the space you spend the most time in with an energy-efficient electric fireplace, you’ll reduce the load on your central heating system and lower your overall operational costs.

Want to learn more ways an electric fireplace can add value to your home? Check out our full article on the topic.

4. Electric Fireplaces Are Full of Useful Features

Electric fireplaces have several advantages over more traditional gas or wood units. Possibly the most notable of these is enhanced ambient lighting and backlighting. While exact features will vary depending on the model of the fireplace, many electric fireplaces feature multicolor surround lighting, firebox lighting, or even flame color variations. This extra level of customization allows you to personalize your fireplace to fit your decor (or your mood) on a given day.

An electric fireplace is more than just an attractive visual piece for your room, however. Heating and fan control means your room will feel just as cozy as it looks. These units are also incredibly efficient. Check out our article on electric fireplace efficiency for more information on that topic.

5. Electric Fireplaces Are Safe and Easy to Operate

With no open flames and very little maintenance required, electric fireplaces are both safe and simple for those looking for a no-hassle fireplace solution. Additionally, most units offer full-featured remote control options for simple and convenient operation.

For those looking for even more control, many electric fireplaces integrate with smart home solutions, as well. Whether you’re looking to control your fireplace with your smartphone, preprogram daily schedules, or integrate with your favorite smart home assistant, these electric units can be integrated into your system much more easily than wood or gas appliances.

Find the Best Electric Fireplace for Your Home

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